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A global company specializing in LED lighting with a strong commitment to sustainability . GlowOne Lighting is a revolutionary, low carbon, green growth technology that allows for improvements in living and working environments as well as sustainable living.
A global company specializing in LED lighting.
GlowOne plays a pivotal role in Songhyun’s green growth business, a new growth engine for the global steelmaker, which has been selected as a global sustainability-leading company for nine consecutive years on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices. Based on the leading capabilities of Songhyun in materials technology as well as the technical capabilities of POSTECH, RIST and Seoul Semiconductors, GlowOne manufactures highly reliable lighting products, boasting the globally competitive capabilities in industrial LED lighting technology.
A global company specializing in industrial lighting.
Our unique technology for industrial lighting and exclusive test beds backed by various industrial facilities at Songhyun have enabled us to develop and manufacture highly reliable lighting products which maintain outstanding performance even in the most extreme conditions (high temperatures and humidity, strong dust and vibration conditions) for lighting applications. With our LED lighting adopted in energy intensive industrial sites around the world, we contribute to improving productivity through reduced downtime, energy savings, and reduced carbon emissions.
A provider of LED lighting solutions.
GlowOne focuses on the development, production and sales of a full line of LED lighting products that support various applications in industrial, business, commercial, public and residential facilities. Also, we offer the best total solution meeting various conditions and needs of each client, through smart lighting design and installation consultancy services, based on the convergence of lighting technology and ICT expertise. Controlling colors and lighting hours with the LED smart lighting control system helps to save energy over 30% energy compared to simple applications of LED lighting.
Company Name GlowOne Address 18849, 19, Samsung 1-ro 3-gil, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Leading the Green Revolution in Lighting with advanced technology. Since its launch in the fall of 2010, GlowOne has produced groundbreaking products, beginning with the joint development of new Sma technology with world-class research institutes, POSTECH and RIST.
In 2011, GlowOne established its manufacturing plant in Pohang, securing a solid foundation for production and acquired certifications for global market(ENEC, CE, UL, CCC, etc.) as well as certifications for Korea.
GlowOne will lead the global LED lighting market with endless innovation.
The trustable light will make your life and space richer and more valuable. LED lighting has taken firm root not just in industrial, public and commercial facilities but also in our homes and daily lives. Combined with convergence technology, it continues its evolution to bring more convenience and innovation to our lives. Based on the combination of the engineering and the leading LED technology of Seoul Semiconductors, GlowOne delivers smart lighting to create a quality lighting environment.
Global Industrial LED Lighting Professional < Industrial LED Lighting & Lighting Solution provider
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